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Get cash for damaged cars, your damaged car could be worth up to $8999. We appraisers go right to work, adding up all the valuable factors of your damaged car to make you their best or highest quote. Give us a call for a quick quote & to schedule a free removal of your damaged car.

We will buy your damaged car in any condition, whether it’s running or non-running. Even if your vehicle failed your state’s smog emission test, we will buy it from you for cash. We even offer FREE towing—we’ll come to you! Get your no-obligation,  sell your car for cash now.

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Sell A Broken Or Damaged Car

Different reasons can cause a car to be classified as damaged or broken.  The reasons fall into one of the following three categories; bodywork, engine/parts or interior.  It is usually an element that is damaged, and not the entirety of the car, it means that the vehicle can often be sold as salvage and the car parts will be used to help repair other vehicles.

For example, if you had two of the same cars in terms of make, year and model but one of them had a damaged engine and was a non-starter and one of them had a smash-damaged shell, a specialist would be able to use elements of each car to create one working vehicle.  Fixing damaged cars can be time-consuming, expensive. People don’t have the required expertise to be able to do so themselves, which is why vehicles that require a certain level of work.

Cash Damaged or Broken Car

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Incidents in car parks, accidents on motorways, natural disasters have all been known to ruin both people’s vehicles, get the top price for your end-of-life vehicle.

We are trusted buyers who specialize in purchasing damaged and broken cars for salvage. Price quotations for damaged cars will vary on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis due to individual differences. When selling a damaged vehicle, you should always be up-front about the condition of the car as giving a completely accurate portrayal of both the positives and the negatives of your vehicle.

We accept all types of damaged cars!

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